In January 2017, Kili Cow worked alongside Midlands Pyrotechnic company Electrify Group to deliver their full portfolio online.

This involved originally creating a WordPress multi-site solution to deliver multiple sites on multiple web domains. By providing a single multi site solution it allowed to share the resources across the portfolio including the theme, users and plugins.

The perfect display

Focussing mainly on the Pyrotechnic website, an eCommerce solution was created along side an appointments system to allow potential customers to book Electrify Pyrotechnics for their parties, weddings and events. Linking with different products, and to Electrify’s payment gateway of choice, we delivered an easy and simple way to book Electrify’s services from their full portfolio, whether its displays or equipment hire.

Electrify manage and update the sites now themselves and along with managing their own SEO using industry standard SEO plugins. In late 2017, Electrify required all their websites to run over https. Kili Cow now offers WordPress hosting over https by default now for no extra cost, for your own piece of mind, and improved SEO.

Continued success

Electrify Group continue to work with Kili Cow, with a full range of websites from the Corporate site, to their wedding, equipment hire through to their eCommerce display booking site.

We are extremely proud to have Electrify Group as one of our clients and excited to see how they have grown over their time with us.

Oh and if you get chance, go see one of their displays, they are incredible.